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DALI Broadcast Module

Powerful DALI channel control with no on-site addressing

Delmatic’s DALI Broadcast module is a powerful hub providing control and monitoring of DALI channels without on-site addressing.

The module controls up to 480 DALI luminaires across twelve channels, and provides the dimming and monitoring benefits of DALI without the need to address ballasts on site.

  • 12 individually addressed DALI channels
  • up to 40 DALI lamps per channel
  • channel DALI lamp and ballast failure monitoring
  • individual DALI emergency light testing and monitoring
  • open protocol LON and BACnet ISO communication
  • distributed intelligence
  • full DALI functionality via Lon and BACnet
  • DALI sensors and switches connect direct to DALI channel
  • shared DALI network reduces cabling by 50%
  • pre-addressed DALI outputs
  • no on-site addressing

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