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The international standard for building automation

Delmatic are leading suppliers of BACnet lighting management solutions and offer a wide range of interoperable BACnet lighting controllers and peripherals.

BACnet is an international communication protocol (ISO 16484) and a “Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks.”

Delmatic modules coexist in both Lon and BACnet worlds, communicating and sharing strategic data, triggering tasks and reporting back events and system statuses – all across a single network buswire.

BACnet and Lon

Delmatic’s latest range of lighting control modules operate in both Lon and BACnet worlds, providing total versatility and flexibility and seamless sharing of strategic data between systems to optimise building efficiency.

Sharing data

BACnet enables systems to pool information and work together so Delmatic DALI sensors can share data in BACnet format with BMS VAV and fan-coil units to enhance building efficiency while avoiding duplication of hardware and network cabling.

BACnet was developed by ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) to facilitate communication between building control systems such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, lighting, access, and fire detection.

BACnet enables standard messages to be transmitted and received by any BACnet product irrespective of vendor or building discipline so you can enhance efficiency (by sharing building data), reduce hardware and capital cost (by sharing sensors and network devices), and simplify installation (by sharing network infrastructure and cabling).

BACnet frees clients from reliance on a single supplier and the protocol provides open standard mechanisms for exchanging information between building automation devices. Clients can combine hardware and software from different suppliers and disciplines, confident that this will interoperate in a fully connected network.