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Emergency monitoring

Round the clock monitoring of emergency lighting

Delmatic’s latest DALI systems provide round the clock monitoring of emergency lighting as part of the overall lighting management network.

Delmatic systems combine general and emergency lighting to eliminate the need for a separate emergency monitoring system, simplify the process of emergency light testing for clients and share network hardware and architecture.

The advanced DALI systems test and monitor self-contained battery fittings, as well as fittings fed from central batteries, and bring the complete emergency light testing, monitoring and reporting process within one comprehensive package.

Real time monitoring

Delmatic’s active graphics individually monitor, log and display the feedback status of every emergency light, highlight and record lamp, ballast and battery faults and generate detailed online or cloud-based logs of tests and performance for maintenance, analysis and statutory purposes.

Ready for a real emergency

There is little point in knowing that all is well with the emergency installation if an actual emergency situation occurs shortly after a full duration test when the batteries are depleted. Delmatic’s asynchronous testing option carries out sequenced testing of fittings to avoid all emergency lighting in an area being tested at the same time.

A site wide solution

Lighting within plant rooms and similar areas is traditionally not controlled as part of a lighting management system and is, instead, switched locally by mains 230V switches. Emergency lighting within these areas, however, still needs to be tested, and this can now be tested and monitored as an integral part of the lighting management system.

Dynamic emergency lighting

Delmatic’s innovative dynamic emergency lighting option illuminates the fastest and safest exit route dependent upon the source of an incident such as a fire or security alert, energising lights in optimal patterns and managing the direction of arrows highlighting escape routes.