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Delmatic DALI-2 Buswire module lighting control


DALI-2 Buswire Module

Smart digital router providing total flexibility

Delmatic’s DALI-2 Buswire DIN module is a smart digital router providing total flexibility and monitoring of lighting and DALI-2 devices along a shared DALI bus.

The module utilises international ISO Lon and DALI-2 protocol communication for truly open control. The modules are applied in multiples of one, two and three DALI-2 universes.

Delmatic’s approach of using the DALI-2 bus for the connection of DALI-2 sensors and switches effectively reduces network cabling by 50%, while the ability to connect up to 16 DALI-2 user devices without using any of the 64 DALI-2 addresses on a universe enables the full extent of DALI-2 capability to be used.

  • individual addressing and monitoring of up to 64 DALI-2 devices per universe
  • DALI-2 presence detectors, DALI-2 multisensors, and DALI-2 switch interfaces connect to the buswire linking the DALI-2 drivers
  • individual monitoring of up to 16 DALI-2 devices (sensors/switches) per universe
  • individual control and monitoring of each fitting
  • individual DALI-2 lamp and ballast failure
  • individual DALI-2 emergency light testing and monitoring
  • full DALI-2 functionality via Lon

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