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Twelve Twelve DIN Module

Powerful addressable control of twelve 20A switched outputs

The Twelve Twelve DIN module hosts distributed intelligence, stores module operational parameters and enables seamless integration with other LON and BACnet devices. It provides powerful addressable control of twelve 20A switched outputs with dimming upgrade paths.

  • 12 individually addressed 20A switched outputs
  • 12 mechanically latched switching relays
  • accepts up to twelve incoming lighting circuits
  • integrated manual override switches for each output
  • accepts connection of DALI sensors and switches
  • accepts plug-in upgrade for DALI dimming
  • compact DIN mounted unit
  • real-time 230V incoming lighting circuit failure monitoring and detection
  • real-time 230V output monitoring and detection for true status
  • mains termination zone for connection of incoming Circuit Lives from MCB, outgoing Switched Live outputs plus terminals for module reference Neutral & Earth connections
  • twelve 20A mechanically-latched relays with on/off indication and manual override – in the event of electronics failure, relays maintain their last state and may be manually overridden on/off
  • ELV termination zone for connection of Lon network, intelligent DALI sensors / switches and upgrade option DALI broadcast channels

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