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The international standard for integrated services

Lon is an international open protocol enabling building services to share information, hardware and cabling, enhance operational and energy efficiency and reduce capital cost.

Delmatic are leaders in Lon technology and have equipped major international projects with interoperable systems controlling lighting, air-conditioning, window blinds and solar shading.

Lon open technology provides future-proofing and multi-vendor advantages to clients as well as guaranteeing interoperability and seamless integration with open building services.

Freedom to choose

Lon frees clients from reliance on a single supplier. Clients can mix and match hardware and software from different suppliers and disciplines, confident that this will work together in a fully interoperable network without being tied to one vendor for support and maintenance.

Sharing information

With Lon, systems seamlessly pool information and work together. Sensors and devices co-exist on a single network and share data so a single detector can share occupancy data with other energy-consuming systems to enhance building efficiency and avoid duplication of hardware.

Robust and decentralised

Lon incorporates true distributed intelligence guaranteeing decentralised operation with no single point of failure. Coupled with extreme scalability and high speed comms, it’s no surprise that Lon is the technology of choice for large, integrated projects where accurate, responsive communication is key.

Lon’s better than KNX

Lon provides major advantages over KNX including a flat network structure, no single point of failure, polarity insensitive buswire, confirmed data handshake and eight times faster operation – critical aspects in large, integrated building networks.

Lon is an international protocol (ISO 14908) providing “Open Data Communication in Building Automation, Controls & Building Management.” Lon enables standard messages to be transmitted and received by any Lon product irrespective of vendor or building discipline so you can enhance efficiency (by sharing building data), reduce hardware and capital cost (by sharing sensors and network devices), and simplify installation (by sharing network infrastructure and cabling).

Delmatic software can be used to configure, manage and monitor Lon devices from other suppliers – such as HVAC or blind controllers – and can also be configured and managed by third-party Lon software.