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The global standard for dimming and control

Delmatic are leaders in the design and application of DALI lighting management systems and offer an extensive range of DALI-2 controllers as well as DALI-2 sensors and devices.

DALI-2 – the latest version of DALI – includes powerful new features and adds sensors and other local control devices to the international standard.

Delmatic’s range of wired and wireless DALI-2 controllers and devices places DALI-2 at the heart of an integrated Smart IOT solution, with modules to suit every degree of flexibility and simplify every type of installation, as well as minimising or eliminating on-site addressing and configuration.

DALI lighting controls Qatar 2022 World Cup Education City Stadium

Delmatic were the first company to introduce scalable DALI-2 solutions for major projects

We continue to lead the field in range and scope of DALI-2 products. Our DALI-2 range includes DALI-2 buswire, DALI-2 broadcast, DALI-2 plug-in, DALI -2 wireless and IP DALI-2 modules alongside DALI-2 sensors, switches, scene-set panels and other peripherals.


Our latest IP DALI-2 modules – available in wired and wireless versions – provide Ethernet to the Edge DALI-2 operation with smart IOT integration of DALI-2 drivers and devices via BACnet-IP and MQTT point sharing.

Biodynamic DALI-2

Delmatic’s biodynamic, tuneable white DALI-2 solutions combine intensity adjustment with colour-temperature variation to mimic daylight, reflect use of a space and support individual wellbeing.

DALI-2 Multi-discipline microsensor

Our unique DALI-2 multi-discipline microsensor combines presence and absence detection, daylight-harvesting and active IR with space temperature and humidity monitoring. Data is shared as part of an IOT solution through DALI-2, BACnet and MQTT.

DALI-2 builds on the benefits of the original DALI technology combining accurate, energy-efficient digital dimming and individual driver and lamp failure monitoring with enhanced features including energy monitoring and data gathering.

One of the most significant changes in DALI-2 is the inclusion of control devices (such as sensors and switches) which were not covered in the original DALI standard. DALI-2 also includes an independent qualification and verification process operated by the DALI Alliance (DiiA) which guarantees that products fully meet the DALI-2 interoperability standards. All Delmatic DALI-2 modules and devices have been independently tested and qualified to the ISO standard.

Our DALI-2 systems incorporate 24/7/365 monitoring of emergency lighting.

Delmatic’s DALI-2 systems provide enhanced emergency light testing with scheduled functional and duration tests, comprehensive monitoring and logging of every emergency lamp and battery as well as integration with central battery networks and installations.

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Delmatic were pioneers in scalable DALI technology and have supplied the most advanced and largest DALI and DALI-2 lighting management networks in the world.

We have unmatched knowledge in DALI-2 technology as well as acknowledged experience in smart solution integration. We love to share this expertise, so get in touch to discuss how DALI-2 can be applied to achieve flexible, efficient and cost-effective solutions.