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Central battery integration

Delmatic systems provide comprehensive integration with central battery systems including individual monitoring of every fitting

Delmatic systems integrate seamlessly with central battery networks to monitor performance and status of central batteries distributed across a project site. Real-time data from each battery is combined with individual monitored status of every emergency lamp and driver to provide a total emergency light monitoring solution. Data is analysed and combined for headline display on wall screens, with granular information accessed via Delmatic’s animated graphical software.

Delmatic systems seamlessly test and monitor emergency lighting and central battery networks on many major international projects. At Abu Dhabi International Airport – with 180,000 fittings, the largest DALI lighting control system in the world – Delmatic systems track in real-time the health and operational status of every lamp in the building, including the 30,000 emergency fittings fed by the central battery. Lamp and driver status is combined with battery voltage data to provide a comprehensive site-wide monitoring solution for emergency lighting.

At Crossrail, Europe’s largest single infrastructure project, Delmatic systems play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of passengers. The Delmatic site-wide systems interface with the central battery UPS units and track the performance of every lamp as well as the health of the emergency light installation, instantly highlighting failures in real-time.

Central battery integration is achieved through a range of means, including BACnet, MQTT, RS232/RS485 interface unit or volt free contact, allowing comprehensive two-way communication between the Delmatic system and the central battery networks.

Central battery emergency light testing and monitoring can be applied in a mixed mode arrangement together with self-contained battery devices, so that the complete emergency lighting and battery installation is seamlessly tested, tracked and monitored by the Delmatic lighting management system.