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Heat mapping

Outstanding insights from real-time space-utilisation analysis

Delmatic’s advanced Lightscape interface provides powerful graphical analysis and display of data, through heatmaps and spatial occupancy mapping.

Data streams from a network of smart sensors reveal the real-time and cumulative occupancy of a space, and also tracks the hotspots and movement patterns of occupants across a building. Valuable occupation intelligence and heatmap visualisations enable building managers to gain accurate insights into how individual spaces are used and support in-space management and planning.

Building and operational efficiency is optimised by relating spatial occupancy to all energy-consuming services, as well as cleaning and servicing frequency, to reduce costs and enhance the comfort and productivity of building occupants.

Delmatic lighting control heat mapping

Spatial occupancy mapping

Heat mapping visualisations show at a glance what areas of a building are occupied, and for how long and how often they are occupied. Time lapse sequences are able to dynamically animate space-utilisation over time.

Motion tracking

Real-time intelligence from sensors track motion patterns across a space, enabling around the clock, detailed analysis of movement during working hours as well as out-of-hours periods.

DALI-2 SpaceApp microsensor

Delmatic’s innovative DALI-2 SpaceApp microsensor delivers accurate, granular space-occupancy data. A modular square detection field provides precise monitoring of space by avoiding the overlap associated with traditional circular detection fields. Analytics display time utilisation of space as well as density of occupation.

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Artificial intelligence algorithms

The abundance of data captured by smart sensors and connected devices coupled with Lightscape predictive analytics allows building managers to accurately predict conditions and adjust the environment. Artificial intelligence algorithms enable buildings to learn and implement autonomous adjustments based upon behavioural patterns and experience.

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