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Powerful control and monitoring of three DALI universes combined with power marshalling

Delmatic’s DALI Buswire IMDB is an intelligent modular distribution box providing total flexibility and monitoring of DALI lighting and devices as well as marshalling power and DALI via modular structured cabling.

The module connects to a network of up to 192 DALI devices including DALI drivers, ballasts and emergency monitoring devices as well as up to 48 DALI local control devices such as sensors and switches across three DALI networks or universes.

  • individual addressing/monitoring of 192 DALI devices
  • individual monitoring of up to 48 DALI sensors/switches
  • individual control and monitoring of each fitting
  • individual DALI lamp and ballast failure
  • individual DALI emergency light testing and monitoring
  • master port for home run cable (mains and data)
  • nine ports for modular power and DALI cable to luminaires and devices
  • full DALI functionality via Lon and BACnet
  • open protocol LON and BACnet ISO communication
  • distributed intelligence

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