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RS232 Interface

Seamless integration of systems via RS232 or RS485

Delmatic’s RS 232 Interface seamlessly connects the lighting management network with other devices via RS 232 or RS 485 protocols.

The smart interface receives and transmits signals between the lighting management network and systems such as AV controls. Scenes initiated by the AV system are received and activate preset lighting scenes and moods while scenes initiated from Delmatic scene-set panels, touchpads and touchpanels route via the interface to trigger linked AV functions.

  • receives and transmits RS232 / RS485 data
  • integrates control of lighting scenes and AV functions
  • activates scenes based on commands from AV system
  • triggers AV functions based upon selected scenes
  • fully software configurable for scenes, data format etc
  • open protocol LON and BACnet ISO communication
  • distributed intelligence

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