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A Delmatic system has provided convenient, flexible, efficient and reliable control of lighting within the Amiri Diwan in Doha for more than thirty years.

The majestic building was equipped with a Delmatic dimming system in 1987 and now looks across the bay to modern skyscrapers equipped with Delmatic’s latest DALI dimming systems.

Amiri Diwan

The majestic government headquarters of the State of Qatar


size50,000 sq.m
architectRader Mileto and Batori
consultantTechnical Office of the Diwan


Design & Development
HVAC Integration
Scene Setting
Lifetime Support

The Amiri Diwan Doha Palace is the governmental headquarters of the State of Qatar and the symbolic, ceremonial and administrative centre of the State. The Palace consists of the offices of the Amir, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, as well as the Council of Ministers’ buildings.

Site wide lighting control and management

The Delmatic system provides scene-setting control throughout the Palace, including the monumental public spaces as well as the private, residential and ministerial areas. Central management and monitoring is combined with powerful local control from custom panels enabling lighting scenes and moods to be activated and adjusted within each area.

Thirty years of reliable service

The system was installed when the Palace was originally constructed in 1987 and, thirty years later, is still quietly providing convenient, energy-efficient control of lighting – a testament to the engineering quality, longevity and reliability of Delmatic systems.