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King’s Cross Station is one of the busiest transport hubs in London and the Grade I-listed building has been transformed into an iconic architectural gateway to the capital

Delmatic systems provide advanced scene-setting control and monitoring of normal and emergency lighting.

King’s Cross Station

One of the busiest transport hubs in London


locationLondon, UK
size7,500 sq.m
architectJohn McAslan + Partners
contractorNG Bailey


Scene Setting
Design & Development
Emergency Monitoring and Testing
Central Battery Integration
Connected Systems
Project Management
Lifetime Support

Fully flexible control

The Delmatic system provides energy-efficient, fully-flexible addressable control of front-of-house and back-of-house normal and emergency lighting as well as controlling decorative concourse and façade lighting.

Lighting is configured into a variety of modes or scenes which are activated automatically at scheduled times, via a solar controller or by photocell sensors, while the complete system is managed and monitored across the IP network using animated graphical software.

Advanced daylighting monitoring and control

The lighting controls play a vital role in the design of the lighting as well as the energy efficiency and sustainability of the installed systems. The daylight monitoring and control is complex as sunlight enters the concourse at different angles at different times of day with variation throughout the year and it is essential that the installation maintains the design illuminance levels for public safety. To ensure this Delmatic’s network of external solar controllers and internal sensors within the concourse continuously monitor light levels and orientation and adjust lighting in real time to suit daylight levels.

Integrated emergency lighting control and monitoring

The system includes comprehensive integration with the central battery system, and custom emergency modules and software were developed to accommodate the start-up delays of discharge lighting following an emergency condition.

The innovative new Western Concourse tripled the size of the station, introducing shops, cafés and restaurants, and has become the ‘beating heart’ of this multi-modal transport hub integrating access to the Underground, Thameslink station and St Pancras International station.

Delmatic were involved from the earliest stages of the project and worked to develop both the system application and integration with the station networks. Quality & reliability of the highest order were crucial to this major public infrastructure system and Delmatic’s track record in providing controls for major transportation hubs was instrumental in selection for this project.