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Winner in the Healthcare and Education category at the 2022 DALI Awards


University College London Hospital, Grafton Way Building has achieved BREEAM Highly Commended, which is a challenge to achieve within highly-serviced, energy-demanding healthcare facilities.


Delmatic’s cutting-edge DALI lighting management system greatly contributed to the BREEAM achievement, providing smart, secure and energy efficient networked control and management of normal lighting and central battery emergency lighting throughout the hospital.

University College London Hospital, Grafton Way Building

Advanced DALI solution for new state-of-the-art cancer and surgery hospital.


locationLondon, UK
size34,500 m2
clientUniversity College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
architectScott Tallon Walker Architects, Edwards Williams Architects
contractorBouygues (UK) Ltd, Anel Engineering & Contracting Ltd



University College Hospital, Grafton Way Building in central London is a state-of-the-art cancer and surgery hospital offering world-class facilities and new ground-breaking radiotherapy and cancer treatments. The hospital is home to one of Europe’s largest centres for the treatment of blood disorders, as well as a Proton Beam Therapy Centre, one of only two NHS PTB centres in the UK to provide this form of radiotherapy treatment.

Delmatic’s advanced DALI system extends throughout the 34,500 sq. m building comprising five floors below ground and six floors above ground. The system provides flexible, energy-efficient monitoring and control of normal and emergency lighting within reception areas, treatment rooms, operating theatres, surgical wards, patients rooms, meeting rooms, staff rooms, shared spaces, corridors, plant rooms and external courtyards.

Achieving BREEAM in highly serviced hospitals

Energy-efficiency is a key challenge in health care buildings that are typically highly serviced and have significant consumption associated with medical facilities. To maximise energy-efficiency, the precise integration and coordination of smart building systems and services, including Delmatic’s lighting management system, was a key requirement of the project. The high quality of the design, lighting and services engineering has seen the University College Hospital, Grafton Way Building achieve BREEAM Highly Commended.

Precise DALI dimming and scene-setting

The Delmatic smart system minimises energy usage and enhances the sustainability and operational efficiency of the hospital through flexible, energy-efficient scene-setting, integration with connected services and the real-time management and monitoring of the lighting infrastructure. The hospital has been designed to maximise the extent of daylight with a central courtyard and atrium allowing for natural light to flow into the heart of the building. Delmatic’s DALI Multisensors initiate precise dimming and scene-setting in response to daylighting and occupancy to achieve the desired lighting schemes within the various spaces of the hospital, greatly enhancing the comfort and wellbeing of patients and occupants.

Delmatic’s cutting-edge DALI Buswire modules provide individual addressing and monitoring of every luminaire and enable DALI drivers and DALI sensors to connect to a shared DALI Buswire for maximum simplicity and convenience, and to avoid the need to run separate control cables to the local control devices.

Management and monitoring of the entire lighting ecosystem

Delmatic’s advanced graphical visualisation software provides comprehensive management and monitoring of the entire lighting ecosystem, and simplified installation and control within a medical environment. Drag-and-drop virtual wiring enables lighting layouts and system operation to be easily configured, managed and adapted, including scheduling of automatic commands, presence detector time-out periods, daylight-linking thresholds and other operational parameters, to suit the changing requirements of the hospital, without accessing equipment or carrying-out wiring changes.

The system integrates with the central battery network to track the real-time performance and status of the central batteries, providing a comprehensive emergency light monitoring solution as an integral part of the hospital’s lighting management installation. Delmatic’s GUI displays the operational status of every lamp and driver, flags failures in real-time, initiates function and duration tests of emergency lighting, and generates relamping plans to ensure luminaires are sustainably replaced at the optimum point. To ensure the safety of building occupants, the system seamlessly interfaces with the central battery network and fire alarm system. In the event of a fire alarm being activated all lighting outputs to 100%.

BIM modelling for efficient system integration

University College Hospital, Proton Beam Therapy Centre houses hugely complex PTB equipment – one of only two PTB systems located in the UK. To facilitate the intricate design and coordination of the PTB system, hospital equipment and highly efficient building services, the hospital was modelled in 3D BIM. Delmatic worked closely with the client, consultant and electrical contractors, using Delmatic controller, sensor and device BIM objects, to successfully deliver a state-of-the-art lighting management system that precisely meets the unique and complex requirements of the building.