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Behind the traditional limestone façade, a four-storey composition of steel and glass centred houses the university’s architecture and landscape departments, as well as campus library, and teaching facilities for a new faculty of creative professions and digital arts.

Delmatic’s latest DALI systems manage and monitor lighting throughout the building demonstrating the versatility of DALI technology across a site-wide platform.

University of Greenwich School of Architecture

A significant new building within a UNESCO World Heritage Site


locationLondon, UK
size16,500 sq.m
architectHeneghan Peng
consultantHoare Lee


Design & Development
Emergency Monitoring and Testing
BMS Integration
Scene Setting
Project Management
Lifetime Support

The building has been awarded two prestigious BREEAM innovation credits

The BREEAM Excellent building achieves high standards of sustainability and has been awarded two prestigious BREEAM innovation credits. Incorporating elements such as energy-efficient systems and solar panels, the development also features the UK’s largest landscaped roofs, where wildflowers and other plants create a wildlife haven at the heart of Greenwich town centre.

Lighting control plays a key role in meeting energy efficiency targets

The control of the lighting plays a key role in meeting the strict energy efficiency targets, and the Delmatic system controls lighting throughout the building using different control strategies in different areas.

Many of the areas use suspended luminaires, with Delmatic’s DALI buswire modules enabling individual addressing, switching and dimming of the luminaires via a common DALI buswire. Delmatic’s pure DALI system enabled not only the individual addressing switching, dimming and monitoring of DALI luminaires along a single buswire, but also the connection of DALI presence detectors and multisensors to the same DALI buswire so halving the amount of control cabling to be supplied and installed.

DALI multisensors and presence detectors are used throughout the project, many of them mounted within the suspended luminaires, to provide presence-related control and dimming in relation to daylight levels at the perimeters of the building.

DALI technology also used for scene-setting, water-valve control and emergency monitoring

Delmatic DALI scene-set panels are used extensively to provide local scene selection and adjustment of lighting levels while solenoid water valves in the toilets are switched via a Delmatic DALI One Relay which relates water use to occupancy of toilets. The DALI system manages, tests and monitors emergency lighting throughout the building including plant rooms where general lighting is not linked to the control system.