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DALI-2 CPD Seminar

DALI is the world’s leading dimming technology and a global standard that has revolutionised commercial, domestic and architectural lighting and control. DALI-2 – the latest version of DALI – includes powerful new features and adds sensors and other local control devices to the international standard.

This seminar focuses on the latest DALI-2 standard and explores the various ways in which DALI-2 may be applied.

The seminar reviews the typical DALI-2 buswire application but also investigates other approaches including DALI-2 Broadcast and DALI-2 Plug-in as well as DALI-2 Wireless.

The seminar looks at expanded DALI solutions including DALI-2 presence detectors, photocells, multisensors and switches, as well as DALI-2 relays for control of services including water solenoid valves and blind motors.

The  seminar concludes with an exploration of the latest in DALI-2 emergency light testing and monitoring as well as Biodynamic white-tuning and RGBW controls.

The DALI-2 CPD seminar covers the following topics:

  • overview of lighting control and management
  • an introduction to DALI-2
  • technical aspects and considerations of DALI-2
  • DALI-2 application – Buswire, Broadcast and Plug-in
  • DALI-2 within a lighting management network
  • DALI-2 and integration with other services and systems
  • DALI-2 biodynamic control
  • DALI-2 emergency light testing & monitoring
  • design and application – where to start your design
  • system architecture – how to apply your design

The CPD Seminar or Webinar is accredited by CIBSE and counts towards an individual’s CPD requirement.

The DALI-2 CPD seminar lasts an hour including ‘question and answer’ session and are delivered online or held at a client’s premises over a breakfast or lunchtime period.

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