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Open, connected systems

Open systems are all around us, enabling us to sync devices, share images, documents & data with colleagues, family & friends, as well as communicate information with other devices around the world. However, all too often, buildings are equipped with stand-alone, proprietary systems that do not communicate or share information.

Proprietary systems tie clients into expensive and restrictive support from one vendor and limit potential for integration. By contrast, open, interoperable systems optimise efficiency by pooling key data and, by sharing hardware, offer enhanced operation at competitive cost.

This seminar challenges delegates to look at open protocols and connected systems, focusing on the advantages of open technologies to consultants & clients, the technical benefits of integration and interoperability, as well as the capital cost and operational cost savings.

The seminar includes recommendations and design approaches for typical types of projects, and a sequence of flowcharts and animated schematics guides delegates through the integration process.

The open, connected systems CPD seminar covers the following topics:

  • overview of lighting management
  • introduction to open systems
  • advantages of open systems
  • introduction to open protocols – DALI-2 Lon, BACnet and MQTT
  • interoperability & integration
  • optimising efficiency with open, integrated systems
  • achieving capital cost savings through open protocols
  • achieving operational cost savings through open protocols

The seminars last an hour including ‘question and answer’ session and are delivered online or, held at a client’s premises over a breakfast or lunchtime period.

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