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BREEAM sets the standards for best practice in sustainable development and enables owners, designers and users to review and improve environmental performance throughout the life of a building.

BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) was established by the UK Building Research Establishment and the latest 2014 version provides recognition to low impact buildings, provides a credible environmental label, stimulates demand for sustainable buildings, and encourages innovation to minimise the environmental impact of buildings.

The latest 2014 version of BREEAM UK New Construction Scheme sets criteria surpassing those required by law, and assesses the environmental impacts of buildings at both the design stage and the post-construction stage.

Delmatic systems offer outstanding energy and operational efficiency and, by assisting in sustainable building design, enable the achievement of highest BREEAM scores and ratings.

Systems gain credits across the range of assessment categories addressing issues such as light pollution reduction, managing lighting, daylighting and glare, presence-related control of scarce resources including energy & water, monitoring and reporting, minimising waste through longevity of life and re-use, as well as continuous innovation in design.