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Open protocols

At the heart of today’s connected world

Open protocols are great.

They provide choice, economy, efficiency, and ensure multiple sources of supply and support.

Open systems share hardware and knowledge and achieve substantial savings in capital cost as well as big operational savings over the life of a building.

Delmatic are acknowledged leaders in the application of open protocol solutions and have supplied open systems for many pioneering and landmark international projects.

Open protocols enable controllers from multiple manufacturers to share network architecture and respond to open protocol messages from shared devices.

Open protocol interoperability achieves major energy savings, cuts capital costs by avoiding duplication of hardware and enabling sharing of infrastructure, reduces installation costs and achieves operational savings over the life of the building.

Closed protocols – don’t go there

Closed, proprietary protocols are trouble. They lock you into one supplier for life, they stop you sharing information, and they restrict flexibility and efficiency. So they restrict choice and limit savings. Don’t go there.

Eliminate duplication

Open protocols eliminate duplication of hardware and share a single network for all services, so achieve major savings in capital, material, installation and labour costs.

Keep your options open

Open protocols enable selection of interchangeable devices from multiple vendors ensuring long-term maintainability and guaranteeing future-proofing.

Seamless connectivity

Open protocols allow total integration with true device-level interoperability to optimise efficiency and enhance user control and convenience.