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Wireless & IOT

Scalable, wireless controls at the heart of a smart IOT solution

Delmatic’s smart wireless platforms deliver scalable, expandable networks comprising hubs, nodes, sensors and switches, bidirectional mesh technology, and intelligent message-hop frequency selection for optimised speed and reliability.

Open protocol wireless solutions

Delmatic’s wireless solutions utilise ISO open protocols for multi-vendor sourcing and support. Unlike other vendors who lock-in clients with proprietary luminaire drivers, Delmatic systems combine the multi-vendor and technology benefits of DALI-2 drivers and devices with smart IP Wireless connectivity.

Wireless mesh networks

Delmatic’s latest wireless mesh platforms unlock the power of IOT with a powerful range of wireless devices including hubs, nodes, sensors and switches, and intelligent bidirectional message-hop frequency selection to optimise network speed and reliability.

IP Wireless Hub

Powerful IP Wireless Hubs communicate with wireless luminaire nodes and sensors to create scalable, data-rich IoT Edge devices, coexisting in both IP and DALI universes, monitoring entire property portfolios and sharing strategic data and insights in real-time with configurable MQTT payloads.

Wireless, wired and mixed-mode

Delmatic’s unique mix and match network of wireless, wired and mixed-mode devices acknowledges there is no one-size-fits-all approach for a project or budget, and delivers the full power of the IoT for smart buildings.