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Delmatic DALI-2 multi-discipline microsensor


DALI-2 Multi-discipline Microsensor

Smart sensor with added temperature and humidity measurement

Delmatic’s sixth-generation multi-discipline minisensor extends digital monitoring capabilities beyond lighting presence and daylight control to include environmental temperature and humidity measurement.

The software-defined smart sensor measures presence and absence, ambient light, temperature and humidity along with active infra-red communication for configuration and user adjustment: the sensor is available in a wired DALI-2 format or with wireless connectivity and BLE Bluetooth® capabilities.

The multi-discipline microsensor forms part of Delmatic’s network of sensors, controllers and software, with optional green features including hours-run monitoring, virtual energy monitoring and energy use analysis dashboards.

  • passive infra-red PIR sensor
  • software-configurable presence/absence detection mode
  • software-adjustable time-out
  • light level sensor for daylight linking/harvesting
  • software-configurable default illumination levels, photocell thresholds and other parameters
  • active infra-red receiver for user adjustment and task tuning of lighting levels and scenes, temperature, blinds/shades and other services.
  • high resolution temperature sensor
  • high resolution humidity sensor
  • real-time monitoring for BACnet / MQTT sharing with iBMS/BOS
  • DALI-2 tested and independently qualified by DiiA DALI Alliance
  • also available with full wireless connectivity and BLE Bluetooth® beacon capabilities
  • compact, low-profile design, slim bezel and flat lens blends discretely into ceiling
  • compact adaptor also available to suit surface mount besa-box installations

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