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Winner in the Retail and Hospitality category at the 2022 DALI Awards

Battersea Power Station is at the heart of London’s largest and most visionary new development, transforming this vast 8 million sq ft former industrial site into a vibrant mixed-use destination.

Delmatic’s latest IP, DALI-2 and DMX systems provide smart, site-wide lighting management and monitoring, holistically designed for seamless application across the project.

Battersea Power Station

Iconic Grade II* listed power station at the heart of one of Europe’s largest regeneration projects


locationLondon, UK
size42 acres
clientBattersea Power Station Development Company
architectWilkinsonEyre, Michaelis Boyd, Gehry Partners, Foster + Partners
consultantChapmanbdsp, Speirs & Major, ESG, Imtech, Phoenix, T Clarke
contractorMACE (Phase 2), Sir Robert McAlpine (Phase 3)


Emergency Monitoring and Testing
DMX Lighting

Holistic approach to site-wide lighting management

The creation of one of London’s largest and most exciting new office, retail, leisure and cultural quarters has been divided into eight phases, and multiple contractors and subcontractors have been appointed to work on Battersea Power Station, the second phase of the development. The lighting management system adopts a holistic approach, with Delmatic’s site-wide DALI-2 lighting management and emergency monitoring solution extending seamlessly across the shell and core, retail, residential, external spaces and public realms, as well as six floors of office fit-outs for a global technology giant.

Total flexibility and energy efficiency

The state-of-the-art system comprises a network of DALI-2 Buswire controllers, sensors and switches, and Delmatic’s modular capsule approach enables the quantity of DALI universes to be configured dependent upon the individual area. The system provides totally flexible addressing and monitoring of each luminaire, while dimming arrangements are configured, managed and adapted in real-time through graphical software.

Temperature and humidity sensing

 To enhance sustainability and operational efficiency, DALI-2 presence detectors, multisensors and innovative DALI-2 multi-discipline sensors monitor occupancy and daylight as well as space temperature and humidity. The sensors share the real-time occupancy, daylight, temperature and humidity date with the building ecosystem so that lighting, HVAC and other energy-consuming services adjust according to environmental conditions. Delmatic’s scene-set panels and custom-configured touchscreens offer local control of scene setting within specialist areas.

The UK’s largest project application of biodynamic control

Tunable-white biodynamic control is applied across the 500,000 sq ft global tech headquarters – the UK’s largest project application of tuneable white biodynamic control. Circadian rhythms and algorithms continuously and dynamically adapt light intensity and colour in each area of the building, while bio-d scene-setting enables occupants to adjust lighting levels and colour relative to activities, use of an area, or their personal preference.

At the heart of the building is one of the world’s largest atria which, at six-storeys high, allows daylight to flow deep into all areas or the office. The Delmatic biodynamic scenarios emulate daylight colour and intensity on the periphery of these zones to achieve a subtle transition into adjoining areas.

The atria contain two large LED panels beneath structural bridges and the Delmatic system incorporates a pioneering multi-spectrometer and DMX daylight-emulation feature which measures the real-time colour temperature of the sky (in both horizontal and vertical planes) and dynamically adjusts the LED colour output to emulate the sky brightness and colour.  Astronomical solar clock control determines sunrise and sunset according to time of day and year, and the solar feed integrates with the main workspace lighting to link to scene changes within the general control strategy.

Coordinated DMX lighting scenes provide dramatic elements

 Integrated control of external lighting allows for complete control and management of lighting levels, scenes and coordinated colour scenarios to suit daylight ambience as well as sync with events, holidays and festivals.

Battersea Power Station’s four chimneys, world-famous icons on the London skyline, are ringed by DMX colour changing floodlights, configured and coordinated to create dramatic light shows for special occasions and events. DMX lighting extends across the Sky Lounge and roof top gardens with all lighting scenes and scenarios configured through graphical visualisation software across the IP backbone.

Versatile site-wide network

 Delmatic’s Smart IP Routers seamlessly mesh the various packages, while the modular application and distributed intelligence aspects of the Delmatic network provide the flexibility and versatility required to achieve independent, stand-alone operation for phased handover.

Comprehensive DALI-2 emergency lighting

 Delmatic’s user interfaces and applications continuously monitor the complete lighting ecosystem and display real-time granular data and intelligent analytics on lighting performance, including emergency light monitoring and testing, as well as individual lamp and driver failure diagnostics. The system monitors and displays the operational status of every lamp and driver, flags failures in real time, and generates re-lamping plans to ensure the sustainable replacement of luminaires.

Electric Boulevard is a new high street which runs from the south of the Power Station, between the stunning Frank Gehry designed Prospect Place and Foster + Partners’ Battersea Roof Gardens, towards the new Battersea Power Station London Underground station. The lighting in the new tube station is also controlled by Delmatic’s DALI system as part of a network of London Underground and Elizabeth line stations managed and monitored by Delmatic smart systems.