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DALI-2 Switch Interface

DALI-2 switch interface makes any switch a DALI-2 switch

Delmatic’s DALI-2 Switch interfaces enable standard momentary-action (two-way-and-off retractive) switches to be converted into system switches or DALI-2 switches: in this way, system switches and DALI-2 switches can have the same plate finish as other electrical accessories in the building.

The switch interfaces enable two independent switches to be connected to a shared buswire and avoid the need to wire individual switches back to multiple input points. The switch interfaces also connect to the shared DALI buswire which links DALI-2 ballasts, DALI-2 presence detectors and multisensors and DALI-2 emergency devices, reducing the extent of wiring on a project.

The switch interface comprises a compact electronic device that fits within a switch backbox and connects to the switch terminals and to the smart/DALI bus. Switching and dimming actions at the switch are converted into commands which are transmitted to the lighting management network.

  • converts standard switches into DALI-2 switches
  • enables DALI-2 switches to match finish of other accessories
  • open DALI-2 communication
  • independent operation for two switches and functions
  • connects direct to the DALI buswire to reduce wiring
  • compact unit fits within single-gang switch backbox

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