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The new headquarters is a prominent city landmark symbolising ADNOC’s importance in the development of the UAE.

A Delmatic state-of-the-art system provides advanced management and monitoring of DALI lighting and connected control of shading, HVAC and other services.

ADNOC Headquarters

A progressive approach to energy use and sustainability


locationAbu Dhabi
size175,000 sq.m
consultantWSP - Flack + Kurtz
contractorHill International / Thermo


Design & Development
Scene Setting
HVAC Integration
Fire Alarm Integration
BMS Integration
AV Integration
User PC Control
Security/Access system Integration
Project Management
Lifetime Support
DALI Zero power

Packed with sustainable technologies

The 74 storey smart building is packed with energy efficient and sustainable technologies including photovoltaic glazing and intelligent integration. The Delmatic DALI Zero Power system monitors and manages lighting throughout the complex combining powerful automatic control with user control from touchpanels and touchpads.

Shared LON and BACnet data between the lighting, BMS, blind, fire and access-control systems enhances user comfort and productivity as well as optimising building and operational efficiency.

A site-wide DALI solution

The system provides a site-wide DALI solution using a pure DALI approach with DALI luminaires, DALI presence detectors, DALI multisensors, DALI switches and other DALI devices all connecting to a common DALI bus – optimising efficiency as well as reducing the extent of cabling.

Highly efficient

The tower is designed to be highly energy efficient and to achieve LEED Gold certification. The system optimises energy-efficiency through daylight-linking, presence detection and absence detection, and shares occupancy data with the BMS so HVAC also links to occupation of individual spaces.