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The Central Bank of Kuwait headquarters is a new landmark on the city skyline and a symbol of Kuwait’s economic power and contribution to the region.

An advanced Delmatic system with innovative balanced lighting is installed throughout the project to optimise comfort and efficiency.

Central Bank of Kuwait HQ

One of the most sophisticated buildings in the Middle East


locationKuwait, UAE
size140,000 sq.m
consultantRoberts and Partners / PACE
contractorKharafi National


Design & Development
BMS Integration
Integrated Blind Control
Scene Setting

Technically and aesthetically sophisticated

The 240m headquarters complex is one of the region’s most sophisticated buildings. The south walls act as heat-sinks to absorb the blistering sun during the day while harnessing stored heat to ward off the cold desert nights: the transparent north-façade is fully glazed and offers occupants panoramic views across the Gulf while at the same time maximising daylight.

A site-wide DALI and solar shading solution

A Delmatic DALI system controls lighting across the site including office areas, core areas, reception and banking halls, conference facilities, dining and banquet rooms, as well as the museum and specialist financial areas. The system maximises energy efficiency through integrated control of lighting and window blinds, as well as presence-detection and daylight-linking which dims lighting to take into account the extent of natural lighting.

Innovative Balanced Lighting enhances occupant comfort

The system incorporates advanced Balanced Lighting which recognises the fact that high levels of daylight in perimeter areas do not benefit inner areas and so the counters the effects of the bright windows by adjusting and boosting lighting levels in inner areas.