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Al Bahr Towers is an award-winning project in Abu Dhabi and was the first building in the Gulf to be awarded a LEED Silver rating.

A Delmatic DALI system optimises lighting throughout the twin towers complex and provides intelligent, secure and sustainable management and monitoring.

Al Bahr Towers

Innovative design and controls have achieved 40% savings in carbon emissions


locationAbu Dhabi
size70,000 sq.m
architectAHR Global
contractorBK Gulf


Design & Development
BMS Integration
AV Integration
Fire Alarm Integration
PIR Water Valve Control
Scene Setting
Project Management

Innovative design and technology

Al Bahr Towers comprise two 29-storey, 145m–high towers: one tower houses the headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Investment Council (ADIC), an investment arm
of the Government of Abu Dhabi, while the other serves as the head office of Al Hilal Bank, a progressive and innovative Islamic Bank. The towers fuse bio inspiration, regional architecture and performance-based technology, and are a benchmark for a highly considered approach in the built environment.

Complete DALI plug and play solution

A Delmatic DALI system controls lighting throughout the 75,000 sq.m headquarters and maximises energy efficiency through optimised digital diming, presence/ absence detection, daylight-linking and daylight-harvesting. DALI Plug-in modules were selected for the project to enable rapid installation and avoid the need to address DALI ballasts on site.

Setting new standards of environmental responsibility

The client wanted to set new standards of environmental responsibility and the buildings incorporate a number of innovative design features including the dynamic solar shading screens (a modern interpretation of the traditional Arabic ‘Mashrabiya’ shading) which open and close in response to the sun’s path. This, combined with other intelligent systems, has resulted in a 40% saving in carbon emissions for the towers despite the harsh UAE
environment, and the project was the first in the Gulf to be receive a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver rating.

Delmatic’s proven track record in the Gulf was key

Delmatic were selected for the Abu Dhabi Investment Council’s HQ project based upon the performance of the Delmatic DALI system at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority’s own landmark headquarters: this, in turn, was selected based upon good experience over a period of twenty-five years of a Delmatic system installed during the early 1980s in ADIA’s original headquarters.