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DALI Zero Power

Optimising energy efficiency

We were the first company to introduce DALI Zero Power which optimises energy efficiency by eliminating the standby power consumption associated with digital ballasts.

Delmatic pioneered DALI Zero Power which eliminates standby power consumption by smartly managing the mains power to the DALI fittings, resulting in substantially increased energy savings.

DALI technology uses digital signalling to instruct lamps to turn off instead of a using relay to switch off the power to the lamp. However, the lamp driver or ballast continues to draw energy even when the lamps are “off”, and this standby or parasitic load can have major implications especially in low-energy projects.

Delmatic’s DALI Zero Power (ZP) feature monitors the state of the DALI lamps and smartly turns off the mains power to areas where lights are digitally off. This eliminates the wasteful standby power consumption and achieves enhanced energy savings.

Appropriately, the DALI Zero Power feature was first implemented at the Masdar Institute, located at the heart of Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Zero Carbon eco-city. The project is powered entirely by renewable energy generated from PV panels, so every watt of power is considered and regulated. The parasitic load of the digital ballasts was, clearly, an unacceptable waste, so Delmatic’s DALI Zero Power feature smartly manages the power to fittings resulting in substantial energy savings.

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