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Arcapita, the leading International investment bank, chose Bahrain Bay as the location for its iconic waterfront corporate headquarters.

A Delmatic DALI system provides integrated lighting and solar shading control throughout the project and optimises efficiency by sharing occupancy data with the BMS for real-time HVAC management.

Arcapita Bank Headquarters

Designed as a benchmark for sustainable development in the Gulf


size42,000 sq.m


Design & Development
BMS Integration
Integrated Blind Control
AV Integration
Fire Alarm Integration
Scene Setting
Project Management
Connected Systems
Lifetime Support

Cutting edge services design sets a benchmark for the Middle East

The building is as innovative internally as its unique sculptural exterior suggests and the project is a benchmark for sustainable development in the Middle East.

A Delmatic system provides advanced addressable management of lighting throughout the headquarters including office floors, conference facilities, auditorium and restaurant as well as within the adjacent Mosque.

Complete DALI functionality

The system incorporates total DALI functionality including DALI control modules, DALI presence detectors, DALI multi-sensors for daylight-linking, DALI switches, DALI scene setting and comprehensive management and monitoring through graphical software.

Comprehensive sharing of data for connected control

To optimise overall efficiency, the lighting management system integrates via OPC with the building IBMS system to share strategic data including the occupation status of individual areas: this enables other energy-consuming building services to be related to occupation and be aware of occupancy using the lighting management network of system sensors.