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The global standard internet protocol

Delmatic IP systems provide the benefits of lighting management across the building IT network, routing data and commands, enabling remote monitoring and alerts, and empowering users through IP Phone and web browser control.

Internet Protocol (IP) is the global standard for web and data communications and the high-speed network can be beneficially shared by lighting management and other building services systems.

Delmatic IP range of modules coexist in the IP and open protocol worlds, communicating and sharing data, reporting back events and system statuses, and enabling user control through IP and Wi-Fi devices.

The language of the internet

IP is the language of the Internet, and Delmatic IP hardware facilitates remote access across a building or site-wide network, via web browser across the intranet, as well as relaying system data and alerts to WAP and mobile devices.

Apps and IP

Apps. IP and web-browser control enable individuals to manage and adjust lighting to suit their task or personal preferences using mobile and office devices.


A range of IP products

Delmatic offer a range of IP products including IP Routers which transmit lighting management data across the Ethernet, fibre, or WiFi infrastructure, IP DALI Modules combining DALI and IP technologies, and IP Phone or IT Browsers empowering user control of lighting across the phone or IT network.

Round the clock monitoring

Delmatic’s unique IP Status systems remotely monitor entire building networks including bandwidth and network traffic, and alert in-house or mobile staff to issues before they occur.