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Sustainability is at the heart of the 27,000 sq.m headquarters building which has a BREEAM Excellent rating

A fully flexible Delmatic system manages lighting and solar shading throughout one of the City’s largest office redevelopments.

Drapers Gardens

Connected Delmatic system controls lighting and window blinds


locationLondon, UK
size27,000 sq.m
architectFoggo Associates
consultantFoggo Associates
contractorN G Bailey


Design & Development
Integrated Blind Control
Connected Systems
Scene Setting
Project Management
Lifetime Support

State of the art system controls lighting, window blinds and solar shading

The state of the art system optimises energy-efficiency through a combination of presence and absence control, daylight-linked dimming, and connected control of window blinds and solar shading.

Open protocol communication is key

Open protocol communication and technology is key to the success of the project: the window blind controllers share the Delmatic network buswire (saving both cabling and installation), users can adjust lighting and blinds through a single convenient hand-held device, while Delmatic’s graphical user interface manages and monitors lighting and blinds throughout the project.

Managing artificial and natural lighting

Sustainability is at the heart of the headquarters building which has a BREEAM Excellent rating and the Delmatic system plays an important role in achieving a high level of energy efficiency.

The building’s design makes extensive use of natural light so daylight linking is an important element of the control strategy, while extensive use is also made of presence and absence detection. The Delmatic system manages both artificial lighting (through digital switching and dimming) and daylighting (through control of window blinds).

Energy savings, operational savings and capital cost savings

The Delmatic system not only achieves on-going energy savings and operational cost savings system, but also reduced capital and installation costs by sharing network cables and hardware.

The building was successfully let by developers Exemplar as the new UK Headquarters for Blackrock.