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125 London Wall is an iconic building on London Wall which has been described as “postmodernism at its most exuberant”.

Delmatic DALI systems manage lighting throughout the building meeting the individual control and monitoring requirements of a number of blue-chip tenants.

125 London Wall

Postmodernism at its most exuberant


size40,000 sq.m
architectSir Terry Farrell
consultantHurley Palmer Flatt (HPF) / Chapman
contractorBDSP, Bancroft


Design & Development
Emergency Monitoring and Testing
Integrated Blind Control
Scene Setting
Project Management
Lifetime Support

State of the art system monitors
normal and emergency lighting

State of the art Delmatic DALI lighting management systems control and monitor lighting throughout the landlord’s shell and core areas as well as within the tenant fit-out office floors. The advanced DALI systems provide flexible, energy-efficient control as well as comprehensive monitoring of normal and emergency lighting.

Total flexibility of control

Each luminaire is individually addressed and monitored by a combination of DALI Buswire Modules and bus bar systems (which distribute power and DALI signals) and DALI Plug-in Modules. Presence detectors, absence detectors and daylight-linking multisensors ensure energy efficiency while operational efficiency is enhanced through hours-run logging, lamp failure detection and emergency lamp and gear monitoring.

Tenant customisation makes
it individual

Incoming tenants have enhanced and customised the controls in their domain with scene-setting in meeting and conference rooms, integrated blind and AV control, and DMX colour-changing control within specialist areas.

125 London Wall was originally constructed in 1992 and the Delmatic system was installed as part of a major refurbishment to upgrade services and efficiency.