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Delmatic Biodynamic and white-tuning systems optimise efficiency and enhance user comfort within Dubai Airport Terminal 1.

Delmatic’s latest systems have been installed throughout administrative and support areas as part of a major refurbishment of the terminal building.

Dubai Airport Terminal 1

Latest Biodynamic controls and white-tuning system


locationDubai, UAE
size10,000 sq.m
consultantDar Al Handasah


Design & Development
Central Battery Integration
Fire Alarm Integration
User PC Control
AV Integration
Biodynamic Control
Scene Setting
Project Management
Lifetime Support

Latest Biodynamic control of background and task lighting

The lighting design combines desk mounted task lighting with floor-mounted fittings providing both up and down lighting components: each light source incorporates biodynamic (colour-tuneable) LED light sources) to enhance visual and aesthetic performance as well as achieve positive biological impacts on performance and wellbeing.

Continual and subtle adjustments in colour temperature and intensity

Delmatic’s biodynamic lighting control system provides continual and subtle adjustments in colour temperature (white tuning) and the intensity of lighting based upon algorithms which optimise colour temperature and lighting levels across the working day.

The algorithms assign colour temperatures and biodynamic settings to specific zones within the project – work areas, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, etc – with lighting levels and temperature scenarios optimised to suit the use and function of each area.

Web-browser control of lighting empowers occupants

Occupants are empowered with control and adjustment of lighting levels via desktop web-browser while scene-set panels allow the selection of lighting scenes within enclosed and cellular spaces.

The system ensures efficiency by combining the biodynamic tracking with presence detection, absence detection, daylight-linked dimming and harvesting, as well as comprehensive real-time DALI monitoring and management.