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Monumental in size and scope the ambitious building is home to the Institute of Diplomatic Studies and Consular Affairs Department.

A Delmatic state-of-the-art, open-protocol system provides advanced management and monitoring of DALI lighting throughout the complex.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs IDS

A green solution for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


size46,000 sq.m
architectHenning Larsen Architects
consultantBuro Happold
contractorAl Bawani Co


Design & Development
Scene Setting
Project Management
Lifetime Support

An environmental veil

The innovative limestone façade comprises a three-dimensional pattern of rhomboid windows and openings draped like a veil over the building and providing shade as well as permeated light. All offices and classrooms are located along the four façades – providing maximum daylight – while the stepped oasis rising through the building creates a unique environment and atmosphere.

Advanced lighting and control solution

The Delmatic system optimises energy-efficiency through presence-related, absence-related and daylight-linked control of lighting.

High efficiency DALI LEDs combine with the Delmatic system to reduce power consumption by up to 70 percent, while multi-channel technology blending white and red LEDs ensures that virtually the entire light spectrum can be rendered –especially important to showcase the true colours of the plants in the building.

DALI Plug-in solution

DALI Plug-in modules provide individual addressing, dimming and monitoring of each luminaire within office areas and DALI Broadcast modules control DALI channels in fixed core areas. The selection of DALI Plug-in and Broadcast technology avoids the need for any on-site addressing of DALI ballasts to speed installation, reduce commissioning time and simplify long-term maintenance.

Truly green

Plants play a big part in the project and cover around 20 percent of the building, forming a natural boundary between the two ministries with the tallest palm trees reaching heights of up to 18 metres.