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A new way to manage and monitor meeting spaces

Delmatic wireless scene-setting panels and space utilisation SpaceApp sensors are deployed throughout the smart meeting hubs as part of Delmatic’s building-wide wireless DALI IP solution.

Smart Meeting Hub

Wireless scene-setting and space utilisation monitoring


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Wireless DALI IP
SpaceApp Analytics

The smart meeting hubs comprise clusters of free-standing, demountable meeting pods provisioned as meeting rooms, private workspaces, or touchdown rooms which can be moved, repositioned or repurposed to suit changing client and business needs.

Real-time space utilisation analysis

Delmatic wireless scene-setting controls facilitate the free-standing concept of the pods while Delmatic SpaceApp sensors and analytics provide valuable intelligence on the usage and efficiency of individual spaces.

EnOcean scene panels provide scene-setting control of lighting within individual meeting pods enabling wireless and battery-less operation within each space. The switches communicate with Delmatic DALI EnOcean Gateways which form part of the building-wide wireless DALI network and transmit lighting scenes and scenarios to the DALI drivers.

Delmatic’s latest SpaceApp Microsensors are deployed within the meeting pods and combine energy-efficient presence/absence control of lighting with precise, granular monitoring of occupation for accurate real-time space utilisation analysis.

Heatmaps and spatial occupancy mapping

The SpaceApp sensors provide a modular, square detection field which avoids the overlap associated with traditional circular detection fields and enables precise monitoring of space occupation.

SpaceApp Analytics process the data streams received from the sensors to generate heatmaps and spatial occupancy mapping. The SpaceApp GUI analyses data both in terms of the duration of occupancy of individual areas and the percentage of each space occupied (for example, partial occupancy of a meeting room) to provide valuable occupation intelligence and support in-space management.

The microsensors form an integrated part of the smart lighting management network enabling data on occupancy to be shared via BACnet or MQTT with other building services systems to optimise overall sustainability and efficiency.