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St Paul’s Square is the most significant office-led development in Liverpool within the last decade and the focal point of the new Commercial District

A fully flexible Delmatic dimming system optimises energy efficiency within the project and provides tenants with powerful and versatile control of lighting.

St Paul’s Square

Merseyside’s first speculatively developed BREEAM “Excellent” building


locationLiverpool, UK
size10,000 sq.m
architectRHWL Architects
consultantHannan Associates
contractorN G Bailey


Design & Development
Scene Setting
Project Management
Lifetime Support

Fully flexible digital system allows tenants to customise their space

The eight storey building is equipped with a fully flexible digital system which provides totally flexible switching and dimming control within the tenanted office spaces and interactive control of lighting in core areas.

Presence detection, absence detection and daylight-linking optimise energy efficiency while the versatility of the system empowers tenants to personalise their space with scene-setting, colour-changing, web-browser, IP and mobile phone control as well as graphical touchpanels and touchpads.

New standards in terms of architecture, design, quality and sustainability

St Paul’s Square has played a major role in the renaissance of Liverpool’s commercial offering and sets new standards in terms of architecture, design, quality and sustainability. The latest development of No 4 St Paul’s Square, delivers Merseyside’s first speculatively developed BREEAM “Excellent” building.