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The University of Cambridge’s Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Building is the first of its kind to house the whole cycle of scientific investigation from fundamental research right through to innovation, development and spin-out.

An advanced DALI lighting management and emergency monitoring system is installed throughout the project.

University of Cambridge Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Building

A world-class research facility with target-breaking environmental credentials


size11,000 sq.m
consultantHoare Lea


Design & Development
Emergency Monitoring and Testing
Scene Setting
Project Management
Lifetime Support

Site-wide DALI management and monitoring

The research facility combines two departments with outstanding reputations in the fields of chemistry, physics, mathematics, clinical medicine and biology. A Delmatic DALI system manages and monitors lighting within the two buildings – the Laboratory Building and Researchers House – as well as providing comprehensive DALI testing and monitoring of emergency lighting.

Lighting is controlled by multisensors which optimise energy efficiency by turning lighting off in unoccupied spaces and through daylight linking which reduces illumination where sufficient natural daylight is available: the majority of areas are also provided with local user override via pushbutton switches or scene set switches enabling absence detection to be implemented and allow users to adjust lighting levels to suit preferences or tasks.

Pure DALI operation

The system uses pure DALI operation so the DALI luminaires, DALI presence detectors and multisensors, DALI switches and DALI relays (controlling task lighting in the library) all connect to a common DALI buswire cable.

The system includes scene-setting within the lecture theatres enabling selection of programmed lighting scenes and allowing illumination levels to be raised or lowered to suit the function of the room. The complete system is managed and monitored through graphical head-end software while testing and monitoring of emergency lighting is also managed through the Delmatic DALI modules.