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Lightscape Software

Real-time control and monitoring of the complete lighting system network

Delmatic Lightscape software is the client’s window into the lighting installation – an interactive graphical tool displaying comprehensive, real-time information on lighting and system operation while providing powerful tools for managing and monitoring lighting across one or more locations.

Server or cloud-based software uses virtual-wiring routines and drag-and-drop tools to adapt lighting configurations in real time, instantly revising control arrangements to match changes in space planning and zoning.

  • real-time monitoring of lighting and network
  • active status of each luminaire
  • DALI lamp and ballast failure monitoring and logging
  • virtual wiring for software grouping of lighting patterns
  • lamp run-time logging and relamping schedules
  • scheduled, astronomic and biodynamic routines
  • hierarchy of password protection and access rights
  • round the clock emergency monitoring and testing
  • loadshed dimming and power management
  • seamless integration with BMS and other controls
  • multi-client access via building IT network
  • context-sensitive system alarms with e-mail/PDA options
  • remote internet access

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