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Arabsat’s vision is to connect the Arab community to itself and the world, and the design of the headquarters reflects Arabsat’s “our world, your world” ethos.

Delmatic are supplying a state-of-the-art, open-protocol system providing advanced management and monitoring of lighting throughout the headquarters complex.

Arabsat Headquarters

State of the art headquarters for one of the world’s top satellite operators


size16,000 sq.m
architectHeneghan Peng
consultantBuro Happold
contractorAl-Bawani Co. Ltd


Design & Development
BMS Integration
Scene Setting
Project Management
Lifetime Support

Interactive headquarters reflects Arabsat’s vision of fostering communication.

The building is designed to foster communication – a unique interior garden at the centre of the building provides a space to stimulate innovation through the exchange of ideas while internal bridges create links and connections between individual and departments.

Open protocol system selected for a company dedicated to enhancing communications.

The Delmatic system combines the open-protocols of Lon and DALI to optimise energy-efficiency and flexibility while also connecting and sharing information with the BMS network. DALI Plug-in modules provide individual addressing, dimming and monitoring of each luminaire within office areas and DALI Broadcast modules control DALI channels in fixed core areas. The selection of DALI Plug-in and Broadcast technology avoids the need for any on-site addressing of DALI ballasts to speed installation, reduce commissioning time and simplify long-term maintenance.

IP Routing and integration

The system enhances energy-efficiency through presence-related, absence-related and daylight-linked control of lighting while high-speed IP Routers communicate across the building IT network and integrate the lighting management system with the building BMS.

Active graphical software provides comprehensive monitoring and management of the lighting installation across the network.