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The Cambridge University Museum of Zoology houses collections made by great naturalists of the past including Charles Darwin.

A Delmatic DALI and IP system is installed throughout the museum to provide effective and creative scene-setting as well as energy-efficient management and monitoring of lighting.

Cambridge Museum of Zoology

Home to one of the greatest zoology collections in the world


locationCambridge, UK
size16,000 sq.m
architectNicholas Hare Architects
contractorBriggs and Forrester


Design & Development
Emergency Monitoring and Testing
Scene Setting
Project Management
Lifetime Support

Technology and design brings the museum into the twenty-first century

The Museum contains around 4 million specimens illustrating the diversity of life on Earth with rare and extinct animals including the skeleton of a Dodo from Mauritius and an iconic Finback Whale skeleton, the largest on display anywhere in the world.

A major refurbishment has brought the Museum (now known as The David Attenborough Building) into the 21st century with displays that inspire audiences about the wonders of the Animal Kingdom and tell their stories of evolution, exploration and conservation.

Lighting controls illustrate and enhance the evolution story

An advanced Delmatic DALI system manages and monitors lighting throughout the project.

Powerful and interactive scene-setting is provided within the public galleries and discovery spaces as well as the café, lecture theatre, learning centres, meetings rooms, seminar rooms and laboratories.

The system uses the building IP network for site wide communication as well as comprehensive real-time emergency light testing and reporting across the DALI network.