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Expo 2020 Dubai will deliver one of the most sustainable world Expos in history and a lasting legacy of sustainable infrastructure. To achieve this target every aspect of Expo 2020 Dubai has been designed with sustainability as the guiding principle.


Delmatic’s latest DALI systems provide highly sustainable, energy-efficient lighting management and monitoring within the Expo’s Sustainability and Mobility Pavilions, as well as future legacy phase.

Sustainability Pavilion Dubai 2020 Expo

Expo 2020 Dubai

The most sustainable World Expo in history


locationDubai, UAE
size30,000 m. sq. (Sustainability Pavilion), 12,000 m. sq. (Mobility Pavilion)
clientExpo 2020 Dubai
architectGrimshaw (Sustainability Pavilion), Foster + Partners (Mobility Pavilion)
consultantAl Shafar Gen Contracting, Alec Engineering and Contracting
contractorBuro Happold (Sustainability Pavilion), WSP Engineering (Mobility Pavilion)


BMS integration

Expo 2020 Dubai centres on the theme of ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’, and is an international showcase of the latest in human progress, ingenuity and innovation surrounding the themes of sustainability, mobility and opportunity. Delmatic’s cutting-edge DALI and Lon systems provide powerful scene-setting control, monitoring and smart data sharing throughout two of the signature thematic pavilions – the Sustainability and Mobility Pavilion.

One of the world’s most sustainable buildings

The Sustainability Pavilion has been built to be one of the world’s most sustainable buildings, achieving a net-zero for energy and water, and powered entirely by renewable energy generated from some 5000 solar panels covering the 130 metre-wide canopy roof and surrounding ‘energy trees’. Delmatic’s innovative systems play a key role in meeting the Expo’s sustainability targets and supporting the Sustainability Pavilion’s LEED Platinum rating – the highest accreditation for sustainable architecture, and the Mobility Pavilion’s LEED Gold rating.

Highly sustainable, smart city

The sustainable infrastructure and practices employed in the pavilions will endure long after the Expo is over. Following the Expo’s conclusion the Sustainability and Mobility Pavilion will be repurposed into a science centre and commercial office spaces as part of Expo 2020 Dubai’s wider legacy plan – District 2020, which will see the creation of a new, highly sustainable, smart city.

Flexible, scalable solution

Delmatic’s versatile DALI Buswire and Broadcast modules presented the ideal solution to meet the diverse lighting control needs of the Expo, as well as being a completely flexible, scalable solution for future tenants in the legacy mode. The powerful modular systems individually address each luminaire enabling switching and dimming arrangements to be easily configured, managed and adapted through interactive graphical software, avoiding the need to access equipment or carry-out wiring changes.

Throughout the pavilions, smart DALI multisensors, presence detectors and photocell sensors, maximise sustainability and energy-efficiency by adjusting lighting levels in real-time to varying conditions of occupancy and daylight detection, while Delmatic’s custom-configured touchpanels and scene-set switches offer local scene-setting control.

Sophisticated DMX lighting

Dynamic DMX lighting extends across the façade, surrounding gardens and external spaces of the pavilions, including the canopy roof and energy trees in the Sustainability Pavilion. Sophisticated DMX and DALI lighting scenes and scenarios are managed and configured through Delmatic’s advanced graphical user interface.

Maximise operational efficiencies and sustainability

To enhance the future legacy operation of the systems, the pavilions are equipped with Delmatic’s Smart IP/LON Routers to optimise the open protocol communication between the IP network, modules and devices. The Smart IP/LON Routers also interface the lighting infrastructure with the BMS via BACnet/IP to maximise operational efficiencies and sustainability by sharing key sensor data in real-time with other energy consuming services.

Delmatic’s innovative Lightscape software delivers unmatched, up-to-the-second visibility and analysis of the entire site-wide lighting infrastructure. The advanced software reveals the operational status of every lamp and driver, and flags failures in real time to ensure the proactive replacement of luminaries.

Lasting legacy for future smart cities

Sustainability, versatility and efficiency are fundamental requirements for all types of projects and Delmatic smart systems. The application of Delmatic’s advanced lighting control systems to the Sustainability and Mobility Pavilion contributes to Expo 2020 Dubai’s lasting legacy of forward-thinking, sustainable solutions that will inform the development of future smart cities around the world.