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Delmatic’s cutting-edge DALI controls with enhanced graphical interface and integrated emergency test and monitoring elevates the mid-1990s building in-line with today’s smart building standards.

Vintners Place

Vintners Place is a landmark City building on the banks of the river Thames


locationLondon, UK
size9000 sq.m
architecttp bennett
contractorMala Engineering, Moyne


DALI Plug-in System
Enhanced Emergency Monitoring

Modular plug-and-play approach

Delmatic’s DALI Plug-in system provides fully flexible scene-setting control and emergency monitoring throughout the three levels of tenant office space as well as the reception, fitness centre and pool, and stunning roof top terrace.

The state-of-the-art DALI plug-in system was selected to enable rapid installation without the need for on-site addressing of DALI ballasts. The out-of-the-box functionality of the smart DALI hubs enabled the building to remain occupied and in use throughout the refurbishment, a key requirement for the project which was undertaken in stages over four years.

Total flexibility and energy efficiency

The modular system provides tenants with total flexibility to customise control and operation of lighting and integrated services within their domain to suit changing requirements. Tenants can choose from a menu of enhancements including circadian control, user control from web-browser and Apps, heatmapping and space analytics as well as full smart IOT integration through wired, wireless or mixed-mode devices.

Energy-efficiency is optimised through DALI multisensors which continuously adapt lighting levels to reflect occupancy and daylight, while solenoid valves in washrooms are controlled via DALI relays to relate the sustainable use of water to use of facilities.

Enhanced emergency monitoring

Delmatic’s advanced graphical interface with enhanced emergency monitoring features, generates up-to-the-second granular data and logs the operational status of every normal and emergency lamp and driver, highlighting failures in real-time to ensure the proactive replacement of luminaires.