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DALI-2 Multisensor with BLE Beacon

Receives signals from wireless Bluetooth switches, and tracks BLE tags and badges

Delmatic multisensors maximise energy efficiency by relating lighting to occupation and daylight. The compact DALI-2 devices simply tap onto the DALI-2 network for ease and speed of installation.

The DALI-2 multisensors incorporate BLE technology to provide BLE Beaconing, receive signals from wireless Bluetooth switches, and track BLE tags and badges.

  • software-defined DALI-2 multisensor
  • DALI Alliance qualified
  • intelligent, adaptive presence and daylight detection
  • software configurable for presence or absence detection
  • software configurable time-out and daylight sensitivity
  • multi-step dim-to-off options
  • ultra-compact low-profile design
  • software-configurable default illumination levels
  • infra-red interface for local control of lights and other services
  • connects directly onto DALI-2 buswire as part of smart network
  • detection range – 6m diameter at 2.5m mounting height
  • integrated signal and function LED
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology
  • BLE Beacon: data transmitted by sensor is fully configurable through the system GUI
  • Bluetooth Receiver: sensor can act as a receiver for wireless self-powered Bluetooth switches
  • BLE Tracking : sensor can track and analyse nearby Bluetooth beacons in tags and badges, using intelligence on the sensor to focus on data of interest.

The DALI-2 multisensor with BLE beacon forms part of Delmatic’s extensive range of DALI and IP-DALI-2 controllers as well as DALI-2 devices such as multisensors, multi-discipline sensors (combining presence/absence detection and daylight linking with temperature and humidity monitoring), space-app sensors, switch interfaces and scene-set panels.

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