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Delmatic DALI systems provide powerful scene-setting within each of the three hundred and forty-five apartments as well as throughout the public amenity spaces at 10 Park Drive, Canary Wharf’s newest residential district.


The DALI system in each apartment empowers residents with advanced lighting and scenario control with smart home enhancements including graphical touchpanels, touchpads, apps and integrated connected services.



10 Park Drive

Powerful DALI scene-setting in Canary Wharf's newest residential district.


locationLondon, UK
size42 storeys
clientCanary Wharf Group
architectStanton Williams
contractorBorough Engineering Services, SES Engineering Services



Delmatic smart DALI lighting management solutions are deployed throughout the three hundred and forty-five apartments at 10 Park Drive, as well as within the shared amenity spaces including sky terrace, residents lounge, health club and wellness facilities. The individual DALI systems empower residents with sophisticated and convenient control of lighting levels, scenes and moods from Delmatic scene-set panels. The soft-configurable DALI scene-set panels create a blend of lighting levels across different lighting channels and areas, global raise and lower functions, and master actions such as “all off” commands from the apartment entrance.

Smart home enhancements

Lighting scenarios and moods within the various spaces of the apartment can be flexibly configured and adapted to precisely match individual preferences. Residents can seamlessly enhance their space with energy-efficient presence and daylight sensors, and incorporate graphical control of lighting and integrated services, such as HVAC, blinds, curtains and audio, from touchpanels, touchpads and smartphone or tablet apps as part of a smart home upgrade.

Sophisticated DALI dimming control

DALI modules within each apartment provide precise and sophisticated DALI dimming control while wiring is minimised using a single smart DALI network which connects direct to the LED drivers as well as DALI sensors and scene-set panels.  DALI Broadcast application avoided the need for on-site addressing of DALI drivers for rapid installation and commissioning and simpler long-term maintenance.

Delmatic DALI modules throughout shared amenity and external spaces deliver addressable control, regulation and monitoring of normal and emergency lighting. A network of smart DALI multisensors and daylight photocell sensors optimise the building’s energy-efficiency and sustainability. Sensors initiate pre-configured lighting scenes in real time to varying conditions of occupancy and daylight, while Delmatic DALI touchpanels with custom graphics and scene-setting configuration, enable local control of specialist lighting.

Optimal control and operation flexibility

Delmatic’s cutting edge DALI systems provide optimal control and operational flexibility, enabling lighting modes and scenes to be configured, managed, and adapted through animated graphical software. Delmatic’s graphical user interfaces and applications continuously monitor the complete lighting ecosystem within the landlord’s domain, and displays real-time granular data and intelligent analytics on lighting performance, including energy usage mapping, emergency light monitoring and testing, and individual lamp and driver failure diagnostics. The system monitors and displays the operational status of every lamp and driver, flags failures in real time, and generates re-lamping plans to ensure the sustainable replacement of luminaires. The system also interfaces the fire alarm system to ensure the safety of the building’s residents. In the event of a fire alert the lighting management system automatically illuminates exit routes.