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Swansea Arena sits at the heart of the city centre’s new £135m Copr Bay district, which is rejuvenating the area and will attract around 230,000 visitors a year for cultural, entertainment and conference events.


Delmatic’s smart DALI lighting management solution delivers completely flexible and aesthetic scene-setting control and monitoring of lighting throughout the stunning arena.

Swansea arena delmatic lighting controls
Swansea arena delmatic lighting controls

Swansea Arena

Smart DALI solution for world class entertainment venue


locationSwansea, UK
size8,654 m2
clientBuckingham Group
architectAFL Architects
consultantME Engineers
contractorNG Bailey



Delmatic’s advanced DALI solution graphically manages and monitors lighting across all areas of the venue, including its auditorium, foyer, green room, back of house spaces, offices, amenities, external spaces and car parking zones.

Complete control and operational flexibility

A completely versatile and scalable lighting management system was key for the multi-purpose venue, which is designed as a flexible space, capable of being easily and rapidly reconfigured to suit a wide range of music, theatre, conference and entertainment events. Delmatic’s advanced DALI Buswire modules were selected to provide complete control and operational flexibility within the auditorium and venue spaces. The modular system individually monitors and addresses each luminaire, enabling dynamic lighting schemes and layouts to be adapted and configured to precisely suit the unique requirements of every event. Lighting scenes and scenarios are instantly configured, managed and adapted across the network using Delmatic’s animated graphical software, without the need to access equipment or carry out wiring changes. DALI also provides the precise dimming and scene-setting required to achieve the perfect mood and ambience for each space.

Optimised energy and sustainability

The project has been designed to a high environmental standard, with the Copr Bay scheme expected to exceed BREEAM ‘very good’. Delmatic’s network of smart DALI controllers, DALI multisensors and DALI presence detectors contribute to the optimised energy efficiency and sustainability of the arena, and the smart sensors continuously adapt lighting scenes in real time to varying conditions of occupancy and daylight.

Intuitive interfaces and applications

Delmatic’s graphical user interface and applications continuously monitor the complete lighting ecosystem, providing real-time data and intelligent analytics on lighting performance and energy usage, hardware and network tracking, fault detection diagnosis and individual lamp and driver failure diagnostics. The intuitive GUI software monitors and displays the operational status of every lamp and driver, flags failures in real time, and generates relamping plans to ensure luminaires are sustainably replaced at the optimum point.

Delmatic’s Smart IP Routers network the lighting management system with the BMS via BACnet/IP to maximise overall operational efficiency through the sharing of key real-time data. The system seamlessly interfaces with the fire alarm system, automatically illuminating exit routes in the event of a fire alert.