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The international standard communication protocol

Delmatic are acknowledged leaders in the supply of Dali lighting management systems and offer an extensive range of Dali control modules as well as Dali sensors, devices and peripherals.

Dali (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an international standard communication protocol (IEC 62386) and a global standard for dimming.

Delmatic’s range of Dali Control Module acknowledges that there are different degrees of flexibility required across a project and includes modules to suit every type of installation as well as minimise and avoid on-site addressing.

Dali is a single technology, yet there are multiple ways of applying DALI across the various areas of a project.

We offer a range of DALI modules to suit these different applications and systems combine modules and approaches to optimise control and minimise addressing.

DALI Plug-in

Widely used to promote total flexibility with individual addressing and monitoring of each luminaire without the need to individually address drivers; also provides the speed and convenience of plug-in connectivity

DALI Broadcast

Extensively used in shell and core areas to provide control and monitoring of DALi channels via pre-addressed outputs with no need to individually address drivers or ballasts.

DALI Buswire

Provides individual addressing and monitoring of each DALI driver along a shared buswire. Ideal for installations with a single conductor (busbar), suspended luminaires and chilled beams (where plug-in connections are not practical).

Dali combines the accuracy and energy-efficiency of digital dimming with lamp and ballast failure feedback and provides the ability to individually address multiple ballasts along a single buswire. Dali enables standard digital messages to be transmitted and received by any Dali ballast irrespective of supplier, so clients receive the benefits of Dali technology without being reliant on a single vendor.

Our DALI systems provide round the clock monitoring of emergency lighting as part of the overall lighting management network

Our systems combine general and emergency lighting to eliminate the need for a separate emergency monitoring system, share network hardware and architecture and simplify the process of emergency light testing for details.

This advanced DALI system tests and monitors self -contained battery fittings, as well as fittings fed from
central batteries and brings the complete emergency light testing, monitoring and reporting process within one comprehensive package. Find out more about Emergency monitoring & testing.